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As one of the oldest watch styles, formal copy watches have been evergreen since birth. Even under the impact of the wave of sports style in recent years, it still cannot shake its status. These re-engraved watches are from Rolex formal wear series, with a particular design heritage.

Men’s Rolex 1806 Day – Date (Black baton dial)

Watch review:

The Rolex Week Calendar with a black baton dial and a diameter of just 36mm is the signature element of the collection. This dial is a classic personality, life waterproof for 100 meters, and has a unique charm. The popularity of weekly calendar watches is there for all to see; they are simple but memorable, perfect for mature and attractive men to wear. And the price is very cost-effective. After all, who can resist a “cheap and good” product?

Rolex Day Date 118135-2.1 Men’s Automatic 36mm Rose Gold

Watch review:

This Rolex Week Calendar reprint has a 36mm diameter and a chocolate-bar dial. The crocodile strap is particularly eye-catching. In today’s era, the week calendar-type watch is not a trending style; the whole watch styling elements have stayed the same for more than half a century. The details of the constant modification and optimization, you also challenging to see from the first time it is easy to perceive. Still, for many Rolex players, a week calendar watch is one of the all-weather necessary Rolex watches.

Rolex Day Date 118135.1 Men Automatic 36mm Rose Gold

Watch review:

Finally, I recommend this Rolex week calendar reprint watch. With a simple and elegant design, the table friends love. The silver baton dial reprint watch will change its diameter to a delicate and compact 36mm, making it easier to wear. The black crocodile strap is particularly striking. As jewelry, it is very competent; the president chain itself has a unique recognition and the decorative sense of bracelet, skylight with calendar plate shape, can also easily distinguish from other Rolex log type watches, coupled with a Rolex powerful circle of celebrity friends “send table” ability, this series of surveillance since the birth has been the most iconic and recognizable Rolex watch. It’s the image of the brand, the front of the family.

Although the trend has been changing, for example, 30 years ago, to buy a popular week calendar watch, steel Ditona is used to sell watches. However, the relationship between the main and the second has changed, but if you want to have a Rolex popular sports look consumption record, the week calendar type is also one of the best foot in the door.

Summary: The above recommended three replica watches are from the Rolex week calendar type. In terms of influence, they are the best. The weekly calendar is the noblest and most noble model. It uses the case 950 platinum or 18ct gold precious material to create. The outer ring is equipped with various designs such as triangular anti-grain, polished or inlaid with precious stones. At the same time, the week calendar type also has different styles, colors, and materials to choose from; these exquisite designs make the Day Date type more outstanding. Completely sealed oyster case to give the precision movement the most exceptional protection so that it is free from water, dust, pressure, and impact. It is waterproof up to 100 meters deep and can be worn anytime.

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