Rolex’s most valuable watch–replicating the charm of Rolex

Rolex watches are divided into classic watches and professional watches.
Classic watches: Day Date,Datejust, women’s Datejust, Oyster perpetual, Pearlmaster, Cellini.
Professional watches: Cosmograph Daytona, Seamaster, Submariner, GMT Master 2, Yacht Master, Explorer, Air King.

Rolex Day date

Today I want to talk about the Day Date watch in the Rolex classic watch. As one of the most popular Rolex models, it came out in 1956.

For this watch, I have a few good buying suggestions:

  1. The gold style is the most classic, and the preservation rate is relatively high.
  2. Choose DayDate’s unique disk for the disk, which is far from DayJust.
  3. The relative goods on the market are relatively complete, and it is much easier to buy than sports models.

He has unique Rolex 18K gold hour markers, heads-type strap, and day of the week display, 18K gold markings are impeccable texture.

Polished corners, and noble sense, the heads-type belt is between the Oyster type and the five-bead chain, gorgeous yet straightforward, Simple and elegant design, the actual wearing is dazzling, the week display represents that this piece of labor is not an ordinary Rolex, but a classic Rolex exclusive to precious metals.

Here is a little trick to judge, a Rolex watch, as long as it shows the week, must be gold, pink gold, or Platinum. It is well known that Rolex makes gold by itself and has its ratio, which is strong, beautiful, and high in purity. Pink gold is called Everose Gold on the official website. It is a patent of Rolex. It is almost classic. The actual color is still outstanding, especially for women’s watches. There is a difference between white gold and Platinum. 18K means that the gold content in 1000 parts is 750 parts, so Platinum, gold, rose gold can see 750 details, while the remaining 250 parts of Platinum are different amounts of silver, copper, platinum, or palladium, 250 pieces of rose gold are mixed with copper, etc., while Platinum is 950 parts of Platinum in 1000 parts, so it is labeled PT950.

There are many screening items for the weekly calendar on the official website, with 36 mm and 40 mm diameters. At present, DayDate has only these two sizes on the official website. It is not easy to see the difference at first glance. It is only the difference in size. There are also on the strap and dial. Some fine-tuning, the overall comparison look 36 is more classic and elegant.

40 is more modern, I personally still have to choose according to the figure. I am very unfriendly to watch friends who like large watch diameters. I also think formal watch diameters do not need to be too large, but they can’t stand the trendy large watch diameters. Apart from the price factor, the only drawback should be no luminous, so I think This model can be the graduation choice of the Rolex classic series.

The 3255 movement is twice as accurate as an officially certified chronometer in daily wear. Its power reserve is extended to three days (approximately 70 hours), increasing 24 hours (50%) over the previous generation. The new movement makes the automatic winding faster and more efficient, and it is easier to sense and adjust the position of the shaft. The calendar correction is not limited by the time, and the time setting is also very accurate. This movement not only obtained 14 patents but also combined several innovative technical solutions, including component design and the production process incorporating new technologies, all breaking current production restrictions. Up to 90% of the movement parts have been redesigned and improved, such as devices that generate and store power (self-winding components and mainspring), adjustment devices (balance wheel) that ensure the precise operation of the watch gear sets and escapements Vertical system.

Many heads of state, including American presidents, musicians and fashionistas, many famous actresses, singers and supermodels, all wear the “Rolex Head of State”.

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